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Acrylic rulers to customise, a useful DO IT YOURSELF article


One of our favourite articles from our catalogue are the acrylic RULERS which we have in 2 sizes.

You can find them in our MACHINELESS section because to do them you do not need any machine, cutting tool or accessory, everything is by hand, a real DO IT YOURSELF article.

A) The 3 reasons why we love the ruler:

1. You have plenty of space to personalise.

This item has two transparent sides to fill in.

Our suggestion: in one side your place logo, your publicity or your message and in the other side a calendar, a landscape of your region, a schedule (if you are a gym or a school).

2. Cheap and useful for your customer.

This item is a very good option to do publicity and depending of your image the result is very cool.

It’s also perfect to organise a workshop for kids where they can draw and have fun getting a gift when they are finish.

Another very good idea is for NGO or benevolent societies, with this article they can do easily and without a big investment items to sell and get money for they cause and at the same time do a good publicity of your NGO.

3. It’s very easy to do.

Each pack includes ruler base and clear cover.

Steps: Print your design – cut the paper – and… assemble with manual pressure. Put it together by hand with a simple “click”.

We can send you the templates to cut to do it even easier or you can download them from our website.

We love these rulers because there are perfect for DIY yourself activities and for merchandising and promotional communication.

B) Two sizes option:

– The smaller size, 15 cms, this ruler is called REG-15, and the print out is 155*30 mm.

– The bigger size, 30 cms, this ruler is called REG-30, and the print out is  270*30 mm.


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