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Specialist Shops

If you have a photography, souvenir or copy shop, or if you are designer or craftsperson, we definitely have something for you!

We want you to sell a lot!!

Tell us about your business, we are here to help you.

We can tell you which products are the best sellers and we can give you ideas about how to display them. Best of all, you can define the minimum order for your customer (from just one item, if you want).


Pass me the ball!!!

Sports are everywhere.

We have specific, eye-catching articles to promote your tournament, to give as a souvenir of a cup you won or to sell to your club’s fans.


Impossible to live without it!!!

If you want to promote a concert, or if you are in a group or have a music shop, we have items and ideas for you with groove power.

Your fans will dance like crazy and with Badge and Fun they will get the very best mementos!

NGOs and organisations

We are what we do!

Are you part of an organisation, institution or political group with a common aim?

If what you do is help and organise events to improve the world, let us help you boost your campaigns or raise funds for your cause.


Are you ready to hear children laughing, to see how they stick out their tongues when drawing and, better yet, their delighted faces when they have their work of art in their hands!

Here are our recommendations for badges, key rings and magnets for organising children’s workshops and activities: they are very easy to use and they can do thousands of drawings without even getting dirty!

Cannot find what you are looking for?

Don’t worry, we love a challenge!!

If you don’t feel that you identify with any of the groups mentioned, we would be delighted to discover new concepts, ideas and projects with you.

Contact us – we are all ears.

Call us :) Call us :)