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Sports key-rings to customise

Sports key-rings to customise

There are 2 times a year perfects to have the feeling ¡¡¡ Let’s begin new habits¡¡¡

One is September, just after holydays and January, beginning the New Year.

And of course in the new ha bits list is almost always the “Beginning to practise SPORT” line.

Sports are part of our lives; you do not even need to practise any, you can be member of a football club or you can have children who belong to a sport club or a sport team and every Week End you stay there looking the enthusiasm or deception of the day.

In our products catalogue there is a lot of articles for people who practise sport, look at it or have children who belong to a club or sport kid team.

With our system you can do them by yourself with a printing paper with your logo, publicity or picture, contact us and we will explain to you how to do them.

You also have a video explaining how to make a key-ring in our YOUTUBE channel, BADGE AND FUN ENGLISH. In any case if you need more information or you have any doubt you can contact us by chat, whatsapp or mail.

KEY-RINGS, everybody has at least one and it’s always with you. It’s a very good way to have a publicity of your sport establishment, club, gym, Sport Events Company or if you have a photography studio.    

There are our options:

– Rugby metallic Key-ring.



– Baseball metallic key-ring


– Basket metallic Key-ring.



– Golf metallic Key-ring.


If you go to our key-ring section you will find Key-ring Starter kits, for sure one of them can interested you, and if you need any other sport key-ring Starter KIT, contact us we will offer it to you.

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