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How to make a customisable metal key-ring

Everybody has one, two or ten keyrings, it’s one of the best merchandising items. You use it every day and you wear it with you all the time, for the house, the car, a closet, …

At BADGE AND FUN, in our key-rings section you have metal ones in different shapes: round, square, rectangular and special shapes.

At the manufacturing we treat the metal of the keyrings so that the metal does not get scratched and this way three years later you have your keyring as the first day.

What do you need to personalize a metal keyring?

  • Machine C25
  • Cutting tool for cutting paper. You can choose between the UC option, with which you can cut several papers at once, or the MC matrix option, with which you can see your image very clearly when cutting.
  • UM assembly tool, with which you close the keyring with your logo inserted in the key ring.
  • Your chosen key-rings blank product. The quantities are 100 in 100 units.

How to customize a metal keyring:

  1. PDF or PS format, just choose the one that suits you best.
  2. Print the paper with your images, logos, design, … Using a normal paper, especially not too thick to be able to close after the keyring without any problem. The ideal weight 120 grs.
  3. With the cutting tool cut the paper.
  4. With the assembly tool, close the key ring with the paper with your image or logo inserted in it.

And there you have your personalized metal keyring in a simple and fast way.

Below is a video from our youtube channel with which you can see how to make your metal key ring in a clear way.

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