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Ideas if you are a photographer or have a photography studio.

Ideas if you are a photographer or have a photography studio.

Almost all our products can be an interesting option for professional photographers because they are personalized with paper.

In order not to get lost among so many products we are going to suggest you some of the best sellers among our customers in this sector.

– Fridge magnets: very easy to sale with the pictures of the new baby that has arrived to the family, the pet that always looks good in the picture or the local football team lifting their cup of the last championship.

To present these fridge magnets, our advice, put several very visible samples on a metal plate in your studio or shop. We assure you that they sell very very well, no grandmother will resist having her grandson in the door of the fridge.

– Badges: to be offered at weddings, baptisms, hen parties and all kinds of family events.

There is the option to put a photo or funny and original phrases.

Our suggestion is to have a 59mm badge size, which is the one that has more options:

– Needle badges, to put on the guest’s clothes.

– As a magnet, as a family souvenir and put it on the fridge.

– Magnetic bottle opener, a nice detail to offer at weddings and baptisms as a souvenir of that special day.

– Mirror, another detail to offer personalized and then carry it in your bag.

– Personalized Christmas balls: ideal as a decoration in the house or as a detail as an end of year gift in companies, with a photo of the staff together or the family.

Very important: all these items, when offered as a detail, sell much better with a good presentation, it doesn’t have to be anything complicated, but something visually impressive like a small cardboard box, a colourful cloth bag,…

Simple ideas, very cheap and that can make your customers happy to have personalized objects with their photos.

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