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LET’S PLAY “We are making BADGES”, here are our 5 CREATIVE TIPS.

LET’S PLAY “We are making BADGES”, here are our 5 CREATIVE TIPS.

Badges can be an object of advertising, identification or to go to an event or concert, but also with imagination, they can be a decorative object, a clothing complement or a perfect element for a DO IT YOURSELF workshop for adults or children.

Here are our 5 Creative Tips for making original badges.


Just one well-presented badge can have a great effect.

A small cardboard box in natural colour or a small cardboard box printed with the badge attached. A good presentation can change everything.

Another idea: put the badge in plastic and stick it to a stick as if it were a lollipop.


In a badge you have space to write a romantic, vindictive, funny or positive message.

Take time to write your sentence, print with a beautiful letter and beautiful colours.

For example: A mirror badge, as a gift at a birthday party, with the message:

28 Birthday – MARC – Thank you for coming.


According to the colours you will have quite different results, here are our proposals:

a ) White and black: very romantic, any picture, drawing or photo in white and black becomes special and cool.
b ) Fluorescent colours: ideal for fun badges for a party or a positive message.
c ) Sepia: perfect for a vintage or “old time” result.
d ) Mate: always very pretty …


Luminiscent paper: you will make your colours shine and you will be the king of the night.

Transparent paper: to make the non-transparent part more visible. Super super pretty.


Perfect for children’s badges or as a complement.

Printed your paper adding the glitter, after making the badge the glitter will be protected by the transparent polyester paper and will not fall off.

There are plenty of options to be creative doing a badge, at least you have so many options as options that can be done with paper.

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