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Our customized refrigerator magnets.

One of the star products in our shop are the fridge magnets, a best-seller souvenir item and an incredible merchandising option, as it is very visible, who doesn’t open their fridge several times a day?

On our website we can divide our magnets into three main groups:

  1. Magnet badges
  2. Acrylic magnets, to make them manually.


All our badges 25mm, 31mm, 38mm, 50, 59mm and 75mm have the magnet for fridge option on the backside.

We recommend that option for merchandising, pizzerias, restaurants, hairdressers, gyms,…. As promotional items they are an exceptionally good option since the magnet for the fridge door are together with the key rings an everyday use article.

We also recommend it for children’s workshops, scrapbooking and DIY. Once you have finished your craft you can take it home and put it in the fridge as a souvenir.

You can find them in our BADGE section.


They are very simple, easy to assemble and cheap.

They are in our section MAGNETS and WITHOUT MACHINES, since to assemble them it is done manually, you only need your printed paper, close it with a click and DONE.

We have 6 options of acrylic magnets:

  1. a) MAG-50, small and rectangular.
  2. b) MAG-57, square
  3. c) MAG-70, larger and also rectangular.
  4. d) MAG-JUMBO, large and elongated.
  5. e) MAG-PANORAMA, elongated, ideal for landscapes pictures.
  6. f) MAG-PINZA, very nice, it is a magnetic pincer with which you can leave notes in the fridge.


The most beautiful of all. The final result of this magnet is very defined with an impressive colour. It is the option for SOUVENIRS shops, printers,…. who want to make their magnet SOUVENIR items.

To do this you need the MAG-SOUVENIR machine with which you can make these magnets with a simple printed paper, but it is very important that the images are good and striking.

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