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Why choose 59mm badges

Why choose 59mm badges? Because they’re full of options.

If you were to contact us for a recommendation on badge sizes, we would recommend size 38 because that is the standard.

But secondly, we certainly recommend the 59mm size for two main reasons:

  1. BECAUSE OF ITS PRINTING SPACE: It’s not too big, but there is room for creativity, well defined images, putting advertising with a message, logo or slogan.
  2. FOR ITS VERSATILITY: It’s the badge size with more options on the back and the best thing is that all these options can be done with the same badge machine.

The size of the 59mm badge is perfect for:

A) Organizing workshops for children, Scrapbooking or DIY. You can make drawings, colour and write some sentences.

B ) Advertising with message, slogan, logo,… there is space to put phones, web address,…

C ) As a souvenir, there is enough space for a clear and sharp image of a monument, landscape,…

D ) For bachelor parties, parties,… we can put a funny sentence with a picture or drawing.

E ) Music concerts, with the photo and the name of the group.

F ) Demonstrations, you can put the phrase of the claim, political party, …

G ) Congresses, conferences, exhibitions, perfect to put the name of the person and the data of the event with its logo.


The 59mm badge is the badge with more possibilities:

A ) NEEDLE, the classic and most sold.

B ) MAGNET FOR THE FRIGO, ideal for souvenir or merchandising shops.

C ) DOUBLE MAGNET, so as not to damage the garment’s fabric when putting it on. Ideal for congresses, family parties…

D ) MAGNETIC BOTTLE-OPENER, perfect as a promotional gift and put it in the fridge.

E ) THE MIRROR, to be carried in a bag, can be offered to beauty centres and hairdressers as a detail for their customers.

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